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Haven Protocol (XHV)

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Be your own bank with Haven. Simply buy Haven [XHV] from any exchange it’s listed on, send it to your own private digital vault where you can swap between all supported Haven currencies and securely store them without giving up control to anyone else.

Complete privacy so that YOUR money is 100% yours. No bank needed. All Haven asset exchanges occur within the Haven vault, without a third party. All Haven transactions are private, anonymous and completely untraceable.




Haven uses an innovative mechanism to swap between all supported currencies. For example, when you swap from Haven [XHV] to xUSD the system destroys the XHV and creates xUSD equivalent to the USD value. If you want to go back to XHV you will always receive the same USD worth of XHV.

There are many different stablecoin projects but very few that can offer the privacy, security and the flexibility of Haven with all currency swaps completed in your own Haven vault. No 3rd party needed.


Use Haven to store or send your money anywhere in the world at any time with little cost and complete privacy.

Haven is based on Monero, a well regarded cryptocurrency, and as such inherits all of its privacy features giving you complete financial control. No permission needed to store or transfer your wealth.



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Over the last month, a number of third-parties have asked us to create a resilient, long-term fee structure for xUSD transactions on the Haven network.

We’ve agreed to do so and the reason is clear: in order for xUSD to be used regularly by millions of people, on the largest platforms in the world, we must implement a solution that ensures fees paid by users are flexible and transparent.

So, the first announcement we’re making today during Haven’s multi-week “Announcement Season” is the Haven 2.0 Fee Structure. These fees are designed to thwart economic attacks and manipulation attempts, while maintaining Haven’s stable storage use case and long-standing promise that “1 xUSD will always be redeemable for $1 worth of XHV”.

Today we are sharing details of a more refined fee structure that will be self-sustaining and fair to all users as Haven’s network grows. Most importantly, this structure will be less attractive to anyone wishing to negatively impact Haven’s network functions and economic stability.

The Haven 2.0 Fee Structure will be implemented soon on Haven’s mainnet via a hard fork to be announced at a later date. Haven’s xUSD fee structure will continue to be iterative moving forward based on the network’s growth and health.

Details of the updated fee structure are as follows:

xUSD exchange unlock times will be: 6 hours, 48 hours, 120 hours (5 days), and 240 hours (10 days).

A standard base fee, based on transaction weight, will be included for every xUSD exchange. This is identical to all transactions (such as transfers) performed on the Haven network.

A conversion fee will be charged based on the selected unlock time and the difference in spot and moving average (24 hours) price of XHV. Each conversion fee will include 0.2% of the value exchanged, multiplied by the priority number of the unlock time from the table below, plus the following:

  • 6 hour exchanges will pay 110% of the spot/MA difference plus 5% of the value exchanged as a speed fee. However, if the funds used as inputs are more than 30 days old, a reduced 2% speed fee will apply.
  • 48 hour exchanges will pay 100% of the spot/MA difference plus 2% of the value exchanged as a speed fee. However, if the funds used as inputs are more than 30 days old, a reduced 0.8% speed fee will apply.
  • 120 hour exchanges will pay 75% of the spot/MA difference. No speed fee will be charged.
  • 240 hour exchanges will pay 25% of the spot/MA delta. No speed fee will be charged.

Finally, since the purpose of the Haven Vault is stable storage, short term trading will be discouraged via a separate speculation fee:

  • 6 hour xUSD to XHV exchanges: If the Vault inputs used are less than 24 hours old, 50% of the XHV profit made on those inputs will be charged as a speculation fee, 40% if less than 28 hours old, and 10% if less than 120 hours old.
  • 48 hour xUSD to XHV exchanges: If the Vault inputs used are less than 120hrs old a 10% speculation fee will be charged.
  • 120 and 240 hour exchanges: no speculation fee will be charged.

In summary, the total fee paid for any xUSD exchange will be made up of the following: Base fee + conversion fee + speed fee (if applicable) + speculation fee (if applicable).

As always, xUSD exchange fees will be automatically calculated and previewed for users in their Vault before transaction confirmation.

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By implementing this model of varying fees based on unlock priority, the cost of any exchange based manipulation effort increases to such an extent that it no longer makes financial sense for a bad actor, while still ensuring users operating as good actors in the system can retain their desired full value from xUSD exchanges by opting for longer unlock times.

Finally, after the full suite of Haven’s private xAssets are released, a mechanism to provide trading fee credits will be implemented. These fee credits will be applied to wallets which utilize offshore trading functions (xAsset -> xAsset) and will not be transferable between wallets.

For example, when a user makes a trade between xUSD and xCNY, a small (~0.1%) trading fee will apply. 50% of that fee will then be credited to that user’s wallet as fee credits to be used only for moving between xUSD and XHV (on and offshore). Fee credits will therefore allow users of offshore trading and storage to reduce or remove onshore and offshore fees for their individual wallets.

We look forward to implementing this updated fee structure in the near future to ensure anyone in the world, on platforms large and small, can use Haven’s xUSD with confidence and ease.

Note: special thanks to Haven community member DougieWatts for suggesting a fee mechanism based on the age of Vault inputs to encourage xUSD storage on the network.

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Some big news to share with you all!

We’ve made significant progress in securing a listing on a top exchange. And while we can’t confirm anything just yet, this exchange has offered to list us for free and we're working through the final stages of their process.

Another piece of good news? This isn't the only top exchange we're working with right now. Good things happen to projects with strong fundamentals and a great community!

Stay tuned.




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xAssets - Round Two -. Now Live!

New currencies

As part of our ongoing mission to increase usage and utility of Haven's ecosystem we have just launched 4 new currencies.

- xAUD - Australian Dollar
- xCHF - Swiss Franc
- xGBP - British Pound
- xJPY - Japanese Yen

Additional currencies offer several key benefits. They appeal to users looking for stable coins pegged to their native currency, which is incredibly useful when transacting via eCommerce gateways or direct transfers. They will also open up a broader range of options for those looking to store value.

xBTC is now live!
Following years of discussion and debate, we are also delighted to announce that xBTC is now live!

Haven Protocol has taken the concept of Bitcoin one step further. By adding privacy and the ability to convert on-chain between a choice of algorithmically pegged assets, users can experience true financial freedom.

For more information on xBTC see: https://havenprotocol.org/2021/05/04/a-guide-to-havens-xbtc/

Using new xAssets
These new assets are available right now in the CLI vault.

An update is required to enable new assets on the web vault and desktop. This change will be rolled out in the next few days.


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