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    Defi News

    Making Money Overnight Allowing users to receive daily interest payments, Overnight is a yield-generation platform where users can deposit their USDC to receive USD+, an interest bearing stablecoin. Overnight generates yield through various decentralized strategies including lending and stable-to-stable pools. Overnight currently supports Polygon, Optimis, Avalanche and BSC, with APY going as high as 17.5%.
  2. If you thought getting an allotment or allocation in an IPO or ICO was difficult, just imagine how hard it is to take part in an equity raise of a private company or crypto project before it goes public. With venture capitalists, family offices, private equity funds and high-net-worth individuals all jostling for limited allocations, your chances as an ‘unsophisticated’ retail investor are pretty slim. This puts retail investors at a significant disadvantage and only widens the gap between the haves and have nots, especially when considering the fact that the returns generated from p
  3. Specular-tion Specular is an upcoming Ethereum L2 Optimistic Rollup that claims to provide "stronger security and decentralization properties than existing optimistic rollup solutions". Currently, the Specular testnet is up and running, allowing users to perform basic swaps on SpecSwap. There are no details on whether the testnet will be incentiv
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    Aleo is building a user experience on the web that is both truly personal and truly private. In the next decade, web services will be everywhere, living in more places than just your browser, and reason over every intimate detail of our personal lives. Our private lives have become a public commodity and as web services evolve to become more personal, to live everywhere, we need to rethink how we control our data. Today, there is no such thing as private web data. If it lives online, somebody owns it. The web provides free services in exchange for personal data. This business
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    Proof of Hash PoH is our decentralized data integrity protection service. Since it relies on our AnuuTech Network, it’s able to provide robust security, exceptionally fast transactions (via trusted connections), and offers a fully customizable consensus. Using PoH will eliminate the need to store data on the blockchain so as to guarantee both its existence and its integrity. It will also make the existence of technologies such as our PRIVATE CHAINS possible. Ultimately, PoH is an integral part of our solution to separate data validation, data storage and data integrity. We have b
  6. TL;DR: The Aptos blockchain leverages a wide range of novel techniques to ensure high-throughput, low latency, verified state synchronization in a decentralized network. Peers can validate and synchronize over 10k transactions per second (TPS) with sub-second latency in Aptos today, and we’re already on our way to 100k+ TPS. Overview State synchronization (or state sync) is an important but often overlooked aspect of blockchain design. In this blogpost, we discuss the evolution of state sync at Aptos and present several key insights behind the design of the latest state sync protocol.
  7. Update Genopets ki kini bisa dijual di https://jup.ag/ Harga saat ini sudah mencapai kenaikan lebih dari 200 persen dari harga launching
  8. Neon is a fully Ethereum-compatible environment on Solana Ethereum infrastracture Accounts & signatures Tools & infrastracture ETH-like Web3 RPC API ETH, ERC-20 tokens Solidity smart contracts Solana blockchain Liquidity Userbase Tx record in Solana High speed tx Low transaction fees Scalability Benefits Enjoy low gas fees and high transaction speeds on Solana Solana’s Growing Ecosys
  9. The Arbitrum Odyssey has officially begun! For the next 8 weeks, users can perform tasks within the Arbitrum ecosystem to earn exclusive NFTs. For Week 1, users will have to bridge ETH into Arbitrum using any of the selected bridges here to qualify for the NFT. If you happen to use the bridge that has the highest volume at the end of the week, you will get a bonus NFT!
  10. The LBP for Genopets' in-game token, KI, is now live and underway! At the time of writing, over 17M out of 20M tokens are still up for sale but there are more than 24 hours remaining for the token sale. As with other LBPs, the price of KI tokens will drop gradually over the course of the sale, with the bulk of purchase usually coming in towards the tail end.
  11. NFT, GameFi and the Metaverse 1. Ark Rivals https://dorahacks.io/buidl/2507?roundProj=1739 Ark Rivals is an epic sci-fi action strategy NFT game of resource wars based on User-generated content (UGC) to play, create, and earn. At first glance, Ark Rivals can basically be described as the “Clash of Clan” + “Starcraft” Play-to-Earn real-time strategy game. The game tells the scene of a factions war between Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn to gain universal control of the economy and power. 2. DEEPSPACE (DPS) https://dorahacks.io/buidl/2530?roundProj=1726 D
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    Onomy Protocol

    Easily mint, trade, and lend stablecoins cross-chain. Onomy Protocol is a layer-1 Cosmos chain powering a multi-chain & intuitive DEX that combines AMM liquidity pools with an order book UI facilitating market, limit, and stop orders, alongside FX markets via its stablecoin minting system, and cross-chain asset storage through Onomy’s non-custodial DeFi access wallet. Website | Overview | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium
  13. Solving the Blockchain Trilemma Partisia Blockchain is built for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed of light finalization. Privacy-preserving Most advanced layer 1 blockchain to allow for both public and private decentralized computations. We provide an extra layer of data protection on the blockchain. Users can control access to their data through ZK Computations. Lightning Fast and Scalable We use sharding to avoid congestion and manage workload and transaction volume. Interoperable MPC and global oracle management provide
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    Thetan Arena

    Thetan Arena is an e-sport game based on Blockchain technology. You can gather your friends, form a team, battle with others and earn money with just your skills. Thetan Arena's gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork. Challenge yourself with various game modes: MOBA & Battle Royale, coming with monthly updates and attractive rewards. You are guaranteed a gaming experience that’s never been known before and also guaranteed to lose to anyone the second you pause the fighting, too. Gear your heroes up with a large selection of hundreds of w
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    Build without compromise Kadena makes blockchain work for everyone. Our ecosystem provides the security of Bitcoin, virtually free gas, unparalleled throughput, and smarter contracts. Plug us in, deploy, and scale. Safer smart contracts Pact makes designing safer smart contracts effortless, whether you’re writing your first contract or launching your fiftieth dApp. By automatically detecting bugs, Pact frees you from