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  1. Kartu Kredit Jenius – Bonus Aktivasi CASHBACK HINGGA Rp500.000 Berlaku hingga 28-02-2023 Belum punya akun Jenius? Ada cashback buat kamu yang baru aktivasi dan bertransaksi pakai Kartu Kredit Jenius! #MelangkahMudah Mekanisme Dapatkan cashback hingga Rp500.000 setelah aktivasi dan bertransaksi dengan Kartu Kredit Jenius. Ketentuan jumlah transaksi dan cashback yang didapat: Akumulasi transaksi min. Rp500.000 dapat cashback Rp100.000 Akumulasi transaksi min. Rp2.500.000 dapat cashback Rp250.000. Akumulasi transaksi min. Rp5.000.000 dapat cashback Rp500.000. Akumulasi transaksi dihitung untuk seluruh transaksi offline dan online dengan Kartu Kredit Jenius (kartu fisik maupun virtual), kecuali transaksi tarik tunai. Berlaku hingga 28 Februari 2023 dengan kuota sebagai berikut: 1.500 pengguna pertama untuk cashback Rp100.000. 150 pengguna pertama untuk cashback Rp250.000. 100 pengguna pertama untuk cashback Rp500.000. Akumulasi transaksi sesuai ketentuan di atas dihitung hingga 7 Maret 2023. Pengguna Jenius hanya punya 1x kesempatan untuk mendapatkan bonus cashback setelah aktivasi dan bertransaksi dengan Kartu Kredit Jenius sesuai periode dan ketentuan yang berlaku. Cashback sesuai ketentuan di atas dikirim pada laporan tagihan (billing statement) Kartu Kredit Jenius bulan berikutnya, maks. 31 Maret 2023. Syarat dan Ketentuan Penawaran berlaku untuk pengguna Jenius yang melakukan aktivasi Kartu Kredit Jenius hingga tanggal 28 Februari 2023 dan bertransaksi sesuai ketentuan di atas hingga maks. 7 Maret 2023. Cashback diberikan ke pengguna Jenius yang lebih dulu mencapai akumulasi transaksi di periode program selama kuota tersedia. Komplain dapat dilakukan maksimal 2 laporan tagihan (billing statement) setelah program selesai. Jenius berhak mengubah Syarat dan Ketentuan program dengan pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu. Jenius berhak membatalkan pemegang kartu mengikuti program ini dan/atau menerima hadiah, jika: Melakukan tindakan atau dicurigai melakukan perbuatan jahat, curang, atau tindakan yang melanggar ketentuan hukum dan perundang-undangan terkait dengan penggunaan Kartu Kredit Jenius, fasilitas atau layanan Jenius yang dimiliki termasuk namun tidak terbatas pada adanya tarik tunai di merchant, manipulasi transaksi oleh pemegang kartu dan/atau merchant, dan tindakan curang lainnya menurut pertimbangan Jenius. Tidak memenuhi ketentuan untuk mengikuti program dan/atau menerima hadiah. Tidak mematuhi ketentuan hukum dan perundang-undangan yang ada serta Syarat dan Ketentuan penggunaan program/hadiah, yang mungkin ditentukan oleh merchant yang berpartisipasi.
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    Crypto News

    TheBlock's secret funding The Block Chief Executive Officer Michael McCaffrey resigned after failing to disclose the loans $43 million, of which $16 million was used to purchase real estate in the Bahamas. These loans were apparently kept secret from employees, as McCaffrey was the only member on the board. Run Do Kwon run It has emerged that Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon could have moved to Serbia. The South Korean Ministry of Justice is requesting assistance from the Serbian government to locate Kwon. However, there is the possibility that Kwon has already left the country. South Korean authorities issued an arrest warrant for the Terra co-founder in September, and this was followed by an Interpol Red Notice. Playing it safer Tether, the issuer of USDT has stated that it will eventually stop the practice of lending out funds from its reserves. This statement came amid FUD from mainstream media concerning its secured loans. The company reiterated that its secured loans are over-collateralized, but will be eliminating these loans throughout 2023. Mr. Wonderful hits out at Binance Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame, has claimed that Binance caused the collapse of FTX. The Canadian entrepreneur was speaking at the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs hearing on the FTX collapse, and mentioned “One put the other out of business–intentionally.” Coinbase recovery tool for ERC-20 tokens! Coinbase has launched a recovery tool with support for roughly 4,000 erc-20 tokens. Affected users will be able to fill up a form with the Ethereum TXID for the lost assets, and the contract address. Eligible tokens for the service include Wrapped Ether (WETH), TrueUSD (TUSD), and staked Ether (stETH). Here are the top trending coins for this week!
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    Crypto News

    The Argentine Football Association Fan Token (ARG) has risen by 20.4% to $3.80 ahead of their World Cup semi-final match against Croatia later today. As the last one standing out of the four major national team tokens, it is likely that ARG will continue its uptrend, should they succeed in making it to the final. Otherwise, Croatia's Fan Token (VATRENI) may be the one pumping instead. GMX Goes For Glory As the FUD against CEXs heats up with Binance thrown into the mix, decentralized perpetuals platforms are stealing the spotlight. One of the top protocols, GMX, continued its ascent since yesterday, climbing 7.6% to $59.95, just a few bucks short of its all-time-high of $62.10.
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    NOM-Onomy Protocol

    Onomy has inspired a global set of contributors and community members across the globe to launch an ecosystem that will be decentralised from day one, inclusive of an on-chain DAO-governed treasury. After a highly-successful testnet with 800,000+ transactions, Onomy has now launched mainnet. $NOM, as the native coin, will underpin the Onomy ecosystem, so here’s everything you need to know. Onomy’s Bonding Curve launches Tuesday, the 6th of December, at 3pm UTC. The only official link is: https://bco.onomy.io/ What Does $NOM Do? In short — transaction fees, bridge fees, rewards for helping to secure the network via PoS staking, governance, collateral, and multiple tie-ins within Onomy’s products. As part of Onomy’s Layer-1 network and Arc Bridge Hub, $NOM is used to cover the fees associated with transactions occurring within the ecosystem. As a Tendermint BFT based chain via the Cosmos SDK, fees are minuscule most of the time, aiding scalability. $NOM is staked to secure the Onomy Network, which uses Proof-of-Stake consensus. By bridging tokens from the bonding curve and bonding them with validators, delegators are able to earn rewards for securing the network. Staking rewards are programmatically adjusted depending on the staking ratio and inflation rate, which are pre-determined before launch and can only be changed post-launch by DAO-vote. See more about Onomy’s expected staking rewards here. $NOM will also confer governance rights to holders who can vote on proposals about the direction of the protocol in the Onomy DAO. Possible proposals include the deployment of new features, funding community initiatives, marketing and developer teams, changing the blockchain and/or product parameters, and more. $NOM is further integrated into products, such as the Onomy Exchange. The Onomy Exchange uniquely does not charge static fees to users who trade — instead, the AMM still collects fees by capturing the spread between the bid and the ask, as a normal market maker does. These earnings are then shared with LPs and used to programmatically buy and burn $NOM and deflate the overall supply over time without any central management whatsoever. $NOM will also play a central role in bringing Forex markets on-chain. $NOM Markets and Availability $NOM will first be obtainable by swapping $ETH for bNOM via the Onomy Bonding Curve, then bridging to the Onomy Network for mainnet $NOM, with the $bNOM being burned. $NOM can then be used for all of its utility described, and users may bridge $NOM to various blockchains integrated into the Arc Bridge Hub. The token will also be available on centralised and decentralised exchanges outside of Onomy’s ecosystem in due time. $NOM Tokenomics The Onomy Network has a genesis supply of 100M NOM, distributed as such: 45% in on-chain Treasury managed by DAO 20% Ecosystem to support market makers, validators, exchange listings, incentives, and more 20% to Early Backers and Partners 15% Team and Advisory Backer, team, and advisor tokens are vested for 24–36 months, with a 12 month cliff, whereas DAO tokens are only usable following successful DAO governance votes, with the system programmatically funding proposals when approved, with no central key management by any Onomy contributor. The $NOM supply will increase from inflationary rewards and bridges from the bonding curve.
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    Crypto News

    Stable farming on Arbi Have stables sitting around on Arbitrum? You can check Sperax, an auto-yield stablecoin (USDs) native to Arbitrum. Users can mint USDs 1:1 with USDC, DAI, or FRAX as collateral. USDs holders will earn ~11% APY on their USDs without any action required by the user - USDs balances will simply increase automatically roughly every 7 days. Do check out their documentation for more info on how its auto-yield mechanism works. There are also other farming opportunities available which you can check out here. Cross-chain trading! There's another cross-chain trading platform in town! Hashflow has teamed up with crypto bridge Wormhole Protocol, to enable cross-chain swaps. According to Hashflow, all trades are MEV-protected, and come with zero slippage. This means that users will get exactly what they swapped for. Currently, the feature is only available for stablecoins on a variety of chains. For more info on Hashflow's latest partnership, check it out here. An inflation-resistant store of value? The brains behind Ampleforth (AMPL) are preparing to launch a new product in the form of SPOT. SPOT is set to be an inflation-resistant store of value. Consisting of a basket of assets on-chain, it will be redeemable by SPOT token holders at anytime. Meanwhile, the price of SPOT can float, meaning its value can increase or decrease. The aim is to fill the gap between speculative cryptocurrencies and dollar substitutes.
  6. Utopia is your all-in-one kit for secure instant messaging, encrypted e-mail communication, anonymous payments and private web browsing. Secure and surveillance resistant communication Instant encrypted text, voice and e-mail communication. Built-in wallet, crypto cards and API for merchants Send and receive payments in Utopia own Crypton e-currency. Decentralized P2P network No central servers. Each user participates in network routing. Mining made easy Earn cryptons by running Utopia mining bots online. Designed for anonymity Utopia ensures your privacy. Your IP address and identity cannot be revealed. uNS - Utopia Name System Truly decentralized and non-censored registry, equivalent of classic DNS. Secure web browser Tor alternative. Surf the Utopia ecosystem by using built-in Idyll browser. Secure storage and transmission Utopia uses 256-bit AES and curve25519 high-speed encryption. The Ultimate Online Toolkit for Instant Messaging, Payments and Private Browsing Utopia is freedom, anonymity, and censorship-free driven product designed for secure communication, anonymous payments and truly free Internet without borders. Total surveillance, information flow control, and official deceptions are exactly what Utopia is intended to prevent. When you use Utopia Big Brother is no longer watching you. With Utopia you are able to bypass online censorship and firewalls, meaning that you are free to communicate with whoever you want whenever you want. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by Utopia ecosystem. User physical location cannot be revealed. Communication and data cannot be intercepted and read by a 3rd party. All account data is stored on Utopia user's local device in an encrypted file. Over the past 6 years, a group of developers united by a common and global mission has created this perfect and exceptional product for you. With help of Utopia decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem, that incorporate a global referendum mechanism with no geographic limitations, we can rapidly shift the balance of power and transfer the immense resources of our planet to a single decentralized entity.
  7. Atur pengeluaran jadi lebih mudah dengan mengubah transaksi Kartu Kredit Jenius kamu jadi cicilan lewat fitur Split Pay. Setiap transaksi online maupun offline min. Rp500.000 bisa dicicil dengan pilihan tenor sampai 36 bulan. Ditambah lagi, ada penawaran cicilan 0% untuk tenor 3 dan 6 bulan sampai 31 Januari 2023! Ikuti langkahnya berikut ini: Penanda Cicilan Tersedia akan muncul dalam 3 hari kerja setelah transaksi. Fitur Split Pay hanya tersedia untuk transaksi yang belum masuk tagihan kartu kredit (billing statement). Yuk, belanja dengan Kartu Kredit Jenius dan ubah transaksimu jadi cicilan 0% langsung dari aplikasi! UBAH TRANSAKSI JADI CICILAN 0% CARI TAU PENAWARAN LAINNYA
  8. PERHATIAN bagi para orang tua! Jika anak Anda mengalami gejala: Gangguan panik, semangat lemah, mudah menyerah dan demotivasi Jangan panik, karena itu pertanda ujian akan datang sebentar lagi. Untungnya, ada Pawang Ujian yang siap bantu mengatasi! Serbu DISKON s/d 60% + Cashback s/d 500ribu! Gunakan kode diskon SPPNOVEMBER Jangan biarkan anak Anda hadapi ujian tanpa persiapan. Yuk, klik tombol di bawah buat langganan! Berlangganan Ruangguru Diskon s/d 60% Promo berlaku hanya sampai 4 Desember 2022
  9. Some of today's market movements Smaller Hikes Ahead BTC and ETH enjoyed a small but significant price increase after the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, signaled that interest rate hikes are likely to shrink over the coming months. As a result, Bitcoin smashed through the $17,000 mark, rising by 2.3% to $17,191. Not to be left behind, Ether equally enjoyed a 2.7% increase, hitting a daily high of $1,303. Banking in the BLANK The narrative around privacy and taking control of your crypto wallets remains strong as BlockWallet continues its run that started just a week ago. Since 24 November, the wallet's utility token, BLANK, has risen by 237.1% to $0.216, maintaining its momentum thanks to the recent uptrend in the crypto markets.
  10. Sesuai dengan kenaikan suku bunga penjaminan LPS (Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan) dan kebijakan bank, Jenius melakukan penyesuaian tingkat suku bunga Maxi Saver sebagai berikut: Jika kamu memiliki pertanyaan lebih lanjut, jangan ragu untuk menghubungi Jenius Help di 1500 365 atau e-mail: jenius-help@btpn.com. Terima kasih telah menggunakan Jenius di setiap langkah kecilmu. #langkahkecilhariini
  11. Kaspa is the fastest and most scalable instant confirmation transaction layer ever built on a proof-of-work engine. Transactions sent to miners can be included immediately in the ledger, which is structured as a revolutionary blockDAG. Kaspa is based on the GhostDAG/PHANTOM protocol, a scalable generalization of the Nakamoto Consensus (Bitcoin consensus). Its design is faithful to the principles Satoshi embedded into Bitcoin — proof-of-work mining, UTXO-formed isolated state, deflationary monetary policy, no premine, and no central governance. Kaspa is unique in its ability to support high block rates while maintaining the level of security offered by the most secure proof-of-work environments. Kaspa’s current mainnet operates with one block per second. After the ongoing rust language rewrite, the core developers goal is to increase the number of blocks per second substantially, attracting the development of smart contracts and DeFi. SOLVING THE TRILEMMA Traditional cryptocurrencies suffer from a security-scalability-decentralization tradeoff: decentralized cryptocurrencies must limit their block creation rate in order to limit “orphans”, off-chain blocks created during the time it takes for a latent block to be propagated across the network. A high orphan rate decreases the effectiveness of the PoW network, thus decreasing its defense against attacks from malicious actors joining the open network. To solve this tradeoff, Kaspa’s consensus layer uses GhostDAG, a proof-of-work consensus protocol that generalizes Nakamoto’s chain into a directed acyclic graph of blocks ( blockDAG). GhostDAG incorporates”orphan” blocks into the chain to form a blockDAG, and then uses a novel greedy algorithm to order the blocks such that well-connected, honest blocks are favored, quickly and with high probability. GhostDAG allows Kaspa to circumvent the traditional tradeoff of blockchains, improving on block rate by orders of magnitude while maintaining the theoretical security guarantees of Bitcoin. This results in a cryptocurrency that is supported by 51% security, has a high number of miners / nodes, and has throughput on the order of one block per second. This is unlike existing cryptocurrencies, which inevitably trade off on having small numbers of validator nodes or lower BFT security (33% threshold needed for malicious actors to attack the network). Fast Confirmations Traditional cryptocurrencies’ slow block rates indicate slow confirmations, i.e., the time it takes for a transaction to be published on the blockchain. Kaspa’s consensus layer supports fast, subsecond confirmations— a fast first confirmation, which enables use cases that need immediate proof of publication (but not immediate irreversibility), such as e-commerce. High Throughput Traditional cryptocurrencies’ slow block rate also indicates low transaction throughput. Using GhostDAG, Kaspa’s consensus layer removes security as a bottleneck for high throughput, allowing block rate and block size increase up to what the network can handle. Kaspa also optimizes bandwidth cost and network infrastructure for high throughput. Mining Decentralization Traditional cryptocurrencies’ slow block rate also indicates high variance of mining income (i.e. irregular mining rewards due to the difficulty of finding a block), incentivizing miners to join larger and larger mining pools—which combine computing power and distribute smaller, more regular mining incomes to participants—as the network grows and the block difficulty increases. This centralizes the consensus power into the hands of a few pool managers. Kaspa’s consensus layer’s fast block rate decreases the variance of mining income – which decreases the incentive to join mining pools – contributing to mining decentralization.
  12. Jika usaha anda masih berstatus UMKM dengan omset dibawah 4,8 miliar per tahun, anda bisa mengajukan pembebasan pajak PPh Final sebesar 0,5 persen melalui website https://pajak.go.id/ Caranya = Simpanlah file/print surat keterangan ini agar bisa dilampirkan saat melaporkan SPT tahun depan.
  13. Be your own bank with Haven. Simply buy Haven [XHV] from any exchange it’s listed on, send it to your own private digital vault where you can swap between all supported Haven currencies and securely store them without giving up control to anyone else. Complete privacy so that YOUR money is 100% yours. No bank needed. All Haven asset exchanges occur within the Haven vault, without a third party. All Haven transactions are private, anonymous and completely untraceable. Haven uses an innovative mechanism to swap between all supported currencies. For example, when you swap from Haven [XHV] to xUSD the system destroys the XHV and creates xUSD equivalent to the USD value. If you want to go back to XHV you will always receive the same USD worth of XHV. There are many different stablecoin projects but very few that can offer the privacy, security and the flexibility of Haven with all currency swaps completed in your own Haven vault. No 3rd party needed. Use Haven to store or send your money anywhere in the world at any time with little cost and complete privacy. Haven is based on Monero, a well regarded cryptocurrency, and as such inherits all of its privacy features giving you complete financial control. No permission needed to store or transfer your wealth. https://havenprotocol.org/ https://havenprotocol.org/whitepaper
  14. 1. Sangat Menular Hanya dalam beberapa bulan, virus corona telah menginfeksi negara-negara di berbagai belahan dunia. Ada ahli memperkirakan seseorang yang terinfeksi mampu menulari manusia lainnya hanya dalam waktu 15 menit. 2. Terjadi di daerah panas dan dingin Sudah banyak kasus-kasus corona dilaporkan di negara -negara beriklim panas maupun dingin. 3. Tingkat Rekurensi (Kekambuhan) Yang Cukup Tinggi Saat ini tingkat kekambuhan di daerah Wuhan dilaporkan mencapai 14 persen. 4. Membutuhkan Tes Berulangkali Ada kasus dimana pasien yang telah dinyatakan sembuh ternyata tinjanya masih mengandung virus corona sehingga membutuhkan tes anal swab. 5. Menular dari manusia ke hewan Ada laporan yang menyebutkan adanya penularan penyakit ke anjing dan kucing. Belum diketahui apakah anjing dan kucing mampu menularkan corona ke manusia. 6. Tidak Menyadari Dirinya Telah Terinfeksi Pada tahap awal orang yang terinfeksi hanya menunjukan gejala flu ringan sehingga tidak tidak menyadari dirinya telah terinfeksi corona. 7. Membutuhkan dana yang besar untuk menangani pasien corona Untuk menangani pasien corona, tim medis membutuhkan Alat Pelindung Diri dan ventilator yang harganya tidaklah murah. Saat ini ada beberapa negara mengalami kesulitan penyediaan alat-alat tersebut. 8. Jauh Lebih Ganas Dibanding SARS dan memiliki struktur mirip HIV 9. Membutuhkan disiplin yang tinggi dari pasien maupun keluaga dan tetangga untuk mencegah penularan
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