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  1. Ever wondered ‘how to get 5-star Monopoly Go stickers’? You’re not alone! Monopoly Go players everywhere are on the lookout for ways to boost their game with these coveted items. In this guide, we tell you how to get these important resources. The key to getting 5-star stickers lies in opening card packs. Prioritize light purple five-star packs, and don't underestimate lower-tier packs, as they can also surprise you even with cards you don't have. To find these packs and get 5-star stickers, try the following methods: Participate in seasonal Events and Tournaments Play regularly and participate in events to win tournaments and reach milestones that unlock card packs. Daily events, Chromatic Roulette, and other special competitions are opportunities to accumulate 5-star stickers. Quick wins are key to unlocking cards and advancing your collection. Trade cards with friends and other players You can always trade repeat cards with friends, including 5-star cards. It's one of the easiest methods, but not all your friends will be happy to trade a high-value card. Also, keep in mind that gold stickers can only be traded within a specific time. Get Rewards for Duplicate Cards Redeem your duplicate stickers for rewards through the Card Rewards system. Access the corresponding button in your album, where you can exchange your duplicate stickers for safes containing various rewards. There are three safes — Green, Blue, and Purple — that players can unlock with 250, 500, and 1000 stars respectively. Green and blue safes contain 3 and 4-star stickers, while purple guarantees a 5-star sticker. In addition, we want to introduce you to another way to get 5-star stickers other than opening packs - you can buy Monopoly Go Stickers with 5-star online. This does not require you to go to great lengths to exchange with others or play games. You only need to choose a trustworthy website to buy, such as U4gm. U4GM offers a variety of Monopoly Go stickers for sale. They have every rare card you need, including Gold stickers that are tradeable during the Golden Blitz event. Usually after completing payment, you will receive your purchased sticker within 5 minutes. In addition, U4GM is a legitimate website with 5,000+ reviews on Trustpilot, and most of them are satisfied with their service. So this is the best place to buy Monopoly Go stickers with cheap prices, super fast delivery, no cheating, a perfect refund policy, 24/7 prompt response, etc. In general, searching for 5 stickers in Monopoly Go is a challenge, but these guides can bring you closer to completing your stickers collection. Make the most of them and enjoy the rewards that await true masters of the game.
  2. Players' main objective in Diablo 4 is to obtain the best Items. Why? Because it helps them excel in all action-packed activities. While some players choose to farm these items themself in the game, most players still choose to buy Diablo 4 Items directly. Because the time to obtain these items really depends on luck. However, any procedure for obtaining Diablo 4 Items that leads to drastic setbacks in the shape of account suspension, hacking, theft, and leakage of personal information counts as a bad purchasing experience! Instead, there is nothing abnormal or illegal about obtaining items from credible online platforms. So here to summarize what counts as a smooth and faster Wow Classic gold buying experience, the brand you are about to put your trust in should have the following qualities: Their prices need to match or at least competitively challenge the ongoing market trends. They should have a clear-cut set of policies as well as incentives that enable you, as a buyer, with different facilities and customer service. A credible merchant would never ask you for your personal information; rather it’ll be entered in the checkout phase only. Reputable platforms that don’t lead to account suspension. Secure platforms are always SSL-certified meaning their identity is verified and their system to carry out daily items transactions isn’t flawed with security loopholes. The most significant aspect of securing yourself a smooth buying experience is when you finalize transactions with safe payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal. Buy Diablo 4 Items from platforms that disapprove of the practice of using bots to generate their items stock as such items are considered to be unethical and can lead to short-term and long-term repercussions. As the above said, we have chosen a renowned and trusted online platform from which you can buy Diablo 4 Items. U4gm is a brand that is no stranger nor a newbie in the field of facilitating international players from around the globe with D4 Items. Their games' versatility allows them to expand their services to other popular games such as Lost Ark, New World, Throne and Liberty, and more. On their About Us page, U4gm claims to dedicate their services to providing players with game items without compromising the integrity of their gaming experience meaning you can discard the thoughts of risking account suspension, hacking, and other form of setbacks when shopping from U4gm. Even if a platform is credible, there is still room for human errors; hence, it is simply comfort in knowing that a service is backed with a good refund policy. In the U4GM case, in the event of an undelivered item, you can apply for a refund and be refunded the original amount back. Furthermore, U4gm can initiate a refund from their side too if they detect that there’s a mismatch of personal information between a customer’s entered details and their original bank records. This is done to maintain tight security and avoid high-risk transactions. Last, for the first time in the industry, U4gm provides a 100% refund if there is an item purchase that leads to the account being banned! This is what no other website selling D4 Items can promise, this is not only U4gm's safety certification for every item source but also for their own trading system trust! And now you know why U4gm is the best place for you to buy Diablo 4 Items. Buying Now!
  3. While Monopoly GO is a fun and engaging game that allows you to earn an obscene amount of money. However, some of the resources and collectibles in the game can be a bit confusing, like Stickers. In this article, we will go over the significance of Monopoly GO Stickers, as well as some of the best ways to obtain more of them. What are Monopoly GO Stickers? Stickers are virtual decorative images in Monopoly GO that depict characters, scenes, and icons related to the classic board game. New themed sticker packs are introduced periodically, often tied to seasonal events. All earned stickers are automatically placed in the current album. Each album contains different themed sticker sets to fill by collecting the requisite stickers to complete them. When you complete these pages, you unlock special rewards, which can be lots of dice, cash, and even unique player tokens and new shields. Complete the entire album for even bigger one-time prizes! How to Get Monopoly GO Stickers? There are many ways to get more Stickers in Monopoly GO, most of them come by simply playing the game and participating in the different rotating events and tasks. In addition, Sticker Packs are the primary way to obtain random stickers.. Here are other some methods which have a chance to provide you with additional Stickers in Monopoly GO: Exchanging individual extra Stickers with other players Quick Wins Daily login rewards Wheel spins when completing Color Sets on the board Completing boards (one every fifth completion) Main events Tournament milestones and leaderboards Partner events Peg-E events Free shop gifts Free tiers of Endless offers Community Chest Stickers for Rewards inside your Album Free dice links (occasionally) Of course, it can't be as easy as it sounds, as these always give you some duplicates, which you will be able to find as extras in your albums. If you want to get stickers that are not duplicates, we recommended that you buy the cheapest Monopoly GO Stickers directly from U4gm. They have every rare card you need like Spot Rebel, Room to Rent, Wonder-fur! and so on. The delivery time is in a few minutes and 100% safe to buy without a scam happening. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the missing Stickers in your collections, so that you can finally complete your set and get some amazing rewards. For more Monopoly GO news and guides, make sure to check U4gm!
  4. The Rogue is one of the classes that you can choose from in Diablo 4. This character is akin to the Assassin, Amazon, and Demon Hunter rolled into one agile combatant. Whether raining arrows upon foes from a distance or engaging in swift melee strikes, the rogue's versatility shines through. In addition, like many other live-service games, Diablo 4 has its fair share of unwritten rules when playing Rogue. Let's take a look! Optimise the preferred weapon first, regardless Diablo 4 Rogues typically go hybrid, with some ranged attacks and some melee attacks if you want to optimise damage and rotation. However, it's easier to focus on one playstyle between ranged and melee first, even if it means not picking the most optimal weapons, stats, and even skills. This holds especially true for the levelling process. Dodge is a rogue's best friend Diablo 4's Dodge mechanic is great because it's available class-wide, and every class then has other movement-related tools to use on top of it. Not all classes are able to do that because of the limited number of skills one can slot in the bar, though, and it can be hard for Rogues, especially. Rogues have access to multiple mobility tools, such as Shadow Step, Concealment, and Dash, with the latter often being slotted in endgame builds, but otherwise, Dodge is a rogue's best friend to get out of sticky situations. Consider Giving Up Ultimate Skills After Levelling A common problem Rogues face in Diablo 4's endgame is finding room for more skills on the skillbar, and while Ultimate skills are indeed quite powerful, especially in the case of an Imbuement-enhanced Rain of Arrows, they come at the cost of taking a precious slot. Combined with a relatively high cooldown, most Rogue endgame builds in Diablo 4 tend to be better off without an Ultimate skill in order to have more crowd control or mobility skills, and that can make the difference between life and death. Prioritise Getting Aspects for Damaging Skills and Items Since Rogues are first and foremost glass cannons, it's important for players to prioritise getting every Diablo 4 aspect they will be using for their builds as soon as possible, as they tend to dramatically increase the performance or value of given skills. For example, the aspect for Penetrating Shot entirely alters the skill's functionality, effectively making it viable in endgame content and a great levelling tool as a whole. Likewise, Diablo 4 Items can be a bit of a problem, as not all builds and classes have enough from the get-go to use their desired skills and rotations every time this is needed, making Rogues dependent on Basic Skills. Unlock combo points early Another unwritten rule consists of unlocking combo points as early as possible, as they are the bread and butter of many Diablo 4 Rogue builds. With potentially endless resources to spend for a short time, Combo Points can single-handedly change the way Rogues are played and should thus be obtained soon in new playthroughs or seasons. It ends here. Was this article helpful? Please let us know in the comment below.
  5. FC 24 has released a new Evolution titled Triple Threat Wingback. As the title of the Evolution suggests, it allows gamers to level up a right-back from their club, provided they meet the criteria laid out by the EVO path. While some are free, others are locked behind a paywall and require either FC 24 Coins or FC Points to be unlocked. Luckily for fans, the latest Triple Threat Wingback Evolution is free of cost, which is incredible considering the caliber of upgrades on offer. Let's take a look at the complete guide to the Triple Threat Wingback Evolution! Player Requirements To qualify for the upgrades provided by this EVO, players must meet the following requirements: Overall: Max. 84 Pace: Max. 83 Defending: Max. 84 Passing: Max. 82 Must not be: CB Position: RB No. of PlayStyles: Max. 7 Best Players for Triple Threat Right Back Here, we will give you three options on who you can use in the Triple Threat Right Back Evolution that will completely transform your team! Julian Ryerson (Borussia Dortmund - 84 OVR) If you have Centurions Julian Ryerson in your club, you can upgrade him by three OVRs with this Evolution! The fullback goes from an 84, to an 87 rating, with insane stats including 86 pace, 81 passing, 85 dribbling, 83 defending, and 92 physical! He is one of the best EVOs from the Triple Threat Wingback! This card is currently valued at around 18k FUT 24 Coins. Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Manchester United - 80 OVR) The Manchester United man upgrades to an 83 rating, with 88 pace, 80 dribbling, 80 defending, and 76 physical, and although that isn't the most impressive, he also has the Slide Tackle PlayStyle+, which makes him deadly in defense! Ellie Carpenter (Lyon - 83 OVR) Ellie Carpenter is a fantastic option for the Triple Threat Wingback Evolution, and the Australian fullback has some great links too! As she is Aussie, she links well with Chelsea's Sam Kerr, but also many meta female players from Lyon! How to complete Triple Threat Wingback Evolutions? Now that you have decided on which player you would like to evolve, let's go through the challenges you need to complete for your player to upgrade by THREE OVRs. Level 1 – Overall +1, Pace +1, Passing +1, Defending +1, Physical +1, PlayStyle Relentless Win 3 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on min. Semi-Pro, using your active EVO player in the game. Level 2 – Overall +1, Pace +2, Passing +2, Dribbling +3, Physical +2, PlayStyle Incisive Pass Achieve 3 clean sheets in Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) on min. Semi-Pro, using your active EVO player in the game. Level 3 – Overall +1, Pace +2, Passing +2, Defending +2, Physical +2, PlayStyle First Touch Achieve 2 clean sheets in Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) on min. Semi-Pro, using your active EVO player in the game. Win 2 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches by at least 2 goals on min. Semi-Pro, using your active EVO player in the game. There we have it, that is a complete guide on the Triple Threat Wingback Evolution. For more guides, feel free to browse U4gm.com!
  6. In FC 24 Ultimate Team mode, there are many ways for players to earn coins. You can climb the ranks in Seasons, dominate the Weekend League, achieve various objectives, sell players, and so on. Also, don’t overlook a handy way to get FUT 24 Coins by selling consumables, as the earnings from doing so can easily stack up. So, here’s how to sell consumables in FC 24. Selling Consumables In-Game When you are in-game, selling consumables is a pretty straightforward process. Start up Ultimate Team, go to the Home menu, and follow these steps: Select Transfers on the bottom middle of the screen. Choose Transfer List, and tap on the left joystick. On Club Search, set “Consumables Search” as the Search Type. You can list your consumables on the Transfer Market or opt to quick sell them if you’re looking for some quick coins. Selling Consumables via the Web App When it comes to selling players via the Web App, it is arguably easier to access. That’s because everything is located on the tidy sidebar on the left side of the screen. As is the case with in-game selling, though, players have the same options on the Web App. Go to Transfers > Transfer List > Add Item OR Select Club > Consumables > List on Transfer Market OR Quick Sell Selling Consumables via the Mobile App After updating your Companion App to the latest edition – FC 24 Companion – simply locate the Transfers or Club menus located at the bottom of the screen. After clicking on either of them, you’ll have the same options as the above. Also, if you accidentally quick sell an item you didn’t want to, make sure to utilize the Quick Sell Recovery option that is also located in the Club menu. That’s everything you need to know about how to sell consumables in FC 24. Although these will not earn you too many Coins FC 24 instantly, you’re guaranteed to get some benefit out of your consumables.
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