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How To Get 5 Star Stickers In Monopoly Go

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Ever wondered ‘how to get 5-star Monopoly Go stickers’? You’re not alone! Monopoly Go players everywhere are on the lookout for ways to boost their game with these coveted items. In this guide, we tell you how to get these important resources.

The key to getting 5-star stickers lies in opening card packs. Prioritize light purple five-star packs, and don't underestimate lower-tier packs, as they can also surprise you even with cards you don't have. To find these packs and get 5-star stickers, try the following methods:

Participate in seasonal Events and Tournaments

Play regularly and participate in events to win tournaments and reach milestones that unlock card packs. Daily events, Chromatic Roulette, and other special competitions are opportunities to accumulate 5-star stickers. Quick wins are key to unlocking cards and advancing your collection.

Trade cards with friends and other players

You can always trade repeat cards with friends, including 5-star cards. It's one of the easiest methods, but not all your friends will be happy to trade a high-value card. Also, keep in mind that gold stickers can only be traded within a specific time.

Get Rewards for Duplicate Cards

Redeem your duplicate stickers for rewards through the Card Rewards system. Access the corresponding button in your album, where you can exchange your duplicate stickers for safes containing various rewards. There are three safes — Green, Blue, and Purple — that players can unlock with 250, 500, and 1000 stars respectively. Green and blue safes contain 3 and 4-star stickers, while purple guarantees a 5-star sticker.

In addition, we want to introduce you to another way to get 5-star stickers other than opening packs -  you can buy Monopoly Go Stickers with 5-star online. This does not require you to go to great lengths to exchange with others or play games. You only need to choose a trustworthy website to buy, such as U4gm.

U4GM offers a variety of Monopoly Go stickers for sale. They have every rare card you need, including Gold stickers that are tradeable during the Golden Blitz event. Usually after completing payment, you will receive your purchased sticker within 5 minutes. In addition, U4GM is a legitimate website with 5,000+ reviews on Trustpilot, and most of them are satisfied with their service. So this is the best place to buy Monopoly Go stickers with cheap prices, super fast delivery, no cheating, a perfect refund policy, 24/7 prompt response, etc.

In general, searching for 5 stickers in Monopoly Go is a challenge, but these guides can bring you closer to completing your stickers collection. Make the most of them and enjoy the rewards that await true masters of the game.

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