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The Protocol

Staking Lots are the only participants able to earn 100% of settlement fees in ETH and WBTC generated by the Hegic’s protocol, there are currently only 27 addresses eligible to buy at least a staking lot.

ZLOT Finance looks forward to further democratize the access to the staking lots by pooling $HEGIC tokens within smaller holders in order for everyone to benefit from the settlement fees generated by the Hegic’s protocol. Users can deposit $HEGIC on the HegicPool.sol contract in order to acquire zHEGIC, the tokenized share of the pool.

The protocol requires 888,000 $HEGIC to initialize buyStakingLot and generate 1 LOT, every time this milestone is achieved the LotManager can call the function to generate a new lot for the pool. All the profits generated by the staking lots of the pool are normalized to $HEGIC and re-distributed among zHEGIC shareholders.

The pool will be launched with 0% performance fee and a 0% withdrawal fee, after the 10th of October, the fees of the protocol will be as follows:
- 10% performance fee
- 0.3% withdrawal fee (only within the first 7 days of the deposit)

On the first phase of the protocol, all the accrued fees will be directed to the devs of the protocol until governance is deployed and takes over the protocol.

Website: https://zlot.finance/

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