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Hi, kawan kawan dari Indonesia.. QQladies.com adalah pemborong pakaian dari Malaysia... Sesiapa yang berminat untuk mengambil baju dari kami, sila datang ke website kami (QQladies) dan sesiapa yang ingin ambil baju dari kami, sila email product code (contoh : SD-001,SD-002) kepada sales@qqladies.com untuk dapatkan sebut harga discount banyak banyak. Harga baju hanya dari IDR40,000 - IDR 100,000


**Harga di website ini hanya untuk cadangan harga sahaja.

**kami baru setup website kami dan product-product di website masih tak banyak lagi, tapi kami akan sentiasa tambah product dari masa ke semasa


QQladies was supplier for all kind of clothes from Malaysia.. All the stocks was imported from China which the price was cheaper compare to other country and main thg is the quality also quite good. Now, I'm looking for the business opportunity with you which i will supply you the clothes. We will provide you the picture of the clothes which already capture using our model. If you interested, pls write us an email which contain the product code (example : SD-001,SD-002) to sales@qqladies.com for special price. The price range for new clothes was around IDR40,000 - IDR 150,000.


*All the prices from the website was for reference only.

** We just done setup our website and we need some time to fully update our database to online

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