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Haven Protocol (XHV)

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Be your own bank with Haven. Simply buy Haven [XHV] from any exchange it’s listed on, send it to your own private digital vault where you can swap between all supported Haven currencies and securely store them without giving up control to anyone else.

Complete privacy so that YOUR money is 100% yours. No bank needed. All Haven asset exchanges occur within the Haven vault, without a third party. All Haven transactions are private, anonymous and completely untraceable.


Haven uses an innovative mechanism to swap between all supported currencies. For example, when you swap from Haven [XHV] to xUSD the system destroys the XHV and creates xUSD equivalent to the USD value. If you want to go back to XHV you will always receive the same USD worth of XHV.

There are many different stablecoin projects but very few that can offer the privacy, security and the flexibility of Haven with all currency swaps completed in your own Haven vault. No 3rd party needed.


Use Haven to store or send your money anywhere in the world at any time with little cost and complete privacy.

Haven is based on Monero, a well regarded cryptocurrency, and as such inherits all of its privacy features giving you complete financial control. No permission needed to store or transfer your wealth.



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