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Ecoflow Delta 1300




Buying a gas generators sets you back up to $1000. And then you’ll have to stock up on oil and gas. Not to mention the required regular maintenance and the time you have to spend.All in all, you’re spending up to $1000 to buy a gas generator and then paying an additional $100-150 annually for both maintenance and gas.    


Gas generators produce noise, carbon monoxide, and should never be operated anywhere inside a home, including garages or basements. It should be at least 30 feet away from your home and operate in dry areas.

DELTA is a technological, environmental, and experiential innovation in personal power use. DELTA requires no gas, emits no pollution and no noise. Use DELTA indoors, even in your living room around kids and pets. DELTA will give you peace of mind in any situation.


 You can leave DELTA unattended for months, even for an entire year without maintenance. DELTA will save you hundreds of dollars in gasoline and oil, as well as your valuable time. 


Exclusively for Kickstarter backers, we offer a lifetime battery warranty. By being an original supporter of DELTA on Kickstarter we are offering you a lifetime guarantee!


DELTA is built to give you peace of mind. Bring DELTA to any party or into your living room and power up to 13 devices simultaneously. DELTA’s system includes four regular USB ports, two 60-watt USB-C ports plus four wall outlets on the International edition and six wall outlets on the American edition. DELTA meets the standard of any wall outlet so you’ll always feel right at home.


Simply plug in what you want to power and let DELTA handle the rest!

With an output of 1800W, DELTA can power anything from your lamps to the power tools in your workshop. Compact to heavy-duty, everything is possible with DELTA. It can even charge your electric vehicle in the case of an emergency!



Are you curious how long DELTA can charge your device?   


 *This is an indicator. Actual usage time will vary depending on model of your device.


 With DELTA, you’re prepared for any emergency. It’s safe, easy to use, and gasoline-free. Run fridges, lights, medical devices, and other essentials, all with the flip of a switch.

With 1295Wh of energy storage, DELTA gives you power assurance in any emergency.  Finally, a battery generator that can be truly a home backup generator. 


Hurricane season is coming! That means more unexpected power outages. Stay one step ahead of the storm with DELTA. Keep the lights on, fridges running, and all your essential devices ready. Be ready to help your neighbors in times of need.


 A power outage doesn’t have to spell emergency for families who rely on medical devices, such as a CPAP machine or a medical fridge. With DELTA, you’re always well prepared for the unexpected. 


 For the past two years, we’ve dedicated our time and energy into creating the X-Stream Recharge Technology. This technology provides the fastest recharge rate on the market, working 10x times faster than competing brands of battery-powered generators. This allows DELTA to be fully recharged in under two hours using any regular wall outlet.


 When using a competitor product, you have a bulky adapter, which converts electricity from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Charging your product requires you to carry a cable with a big brick converter on it and recharges your product very slowly. However, with X-Stream, we’ve found a way to charge DELTA directly with AC, with only a simple cable and no brick converter. 


Harness the power of the sun by recharging DELTA with solar. Power everything you need to live life off the grid or back up your home in an emergency with a portable solar panel. 


DELTA is compatible with any solar panels on the market. In perfect sunlight and 400W of solar panels, DELTA can be fully recharged in just four hours. DELTA is even able to be hooked up to an already existing solar roof installation.  


We've tested the solar charging capabilities of DELTA against Goal Zero. In the video below, we're testing Goal Zero YETI 1400 against the DELTA, using a 315W universal solar mat. After testing for 4 hours in cloudy weather, DELTA was charged to 88%, while Goal Zero was charged to 30%   


 DELTA was strategically designed to have a low, solid center of gravity, mitigating rollover risk. In addition, it is made with aerospace-grade aluminum and high-strength steel to achieve maximum strength and durability.


 Inside DELTA, there are 140 lithium-ion battery cells. To extend the performance, life-cycle, and shelf-life of DELTA, we’ve developed our own proprietary Battery Management System. The Battery Management System regulates all the lithium-ion batteries inside DELTA and takes care of the batteries health individually using AI algorithms.

The Battery Management System also looks at things like the individual state of charge of each battery cell. It also monitors the temperature and activates the fan if needed. This makes DELTA safer, while also enjoying a longer life-cycle and shelf-life than its competitors.


 For the last two years, a team of 50 people worked on the Power Management System. With over 20 protective measures from both software and hardware, DELTA operates at the highest performing charge and discharge rate on the market, while always prioritizing safety.

The Power Management System converts DC to AC, and AC to DC in the most efficient way, allowing you to charge DELTA fully in just two hours. It has protective measures in place, which extends the power surge up to 3300W and prevents overload.


In case of an outage, the UPS feature comes in handy. When DELTA detects a power failure, it automatically kicks into gear, which allows a computer or any of your most sensitive utilities that you can't afford to lose to keep running. You need to setup DELTA like the picture below to make use of the UPS function:


In 2017 we launched our flagship product, EcoFlow RIVER, on crowdfunding and raised over one million dollars. From the beginning, it has been EcoFlow’s mission to bring power to people who really need it. Unfortunately, the price of the product has led to the vast majority of the sales in the US, rather than across the globe.

One year later, when Puerto Rico was terrorized by hurricane Maria we realized that it was time for EcoFlow to step in. We traveled to Puerto Rico and hand-delivered over 100 EcoFlow devices to rescue crews and distraught families.


While everyone was extremely grateful for EcoFlow RIVER and the help that we had provided, it became clear that it wasn’t enough. People needed more, rescue crews needed more power for their tools, and families needed to be able to light up their homes. With this in mind, our R&D team once again began the creative process to design DELTA, an effective rescue solution.


Our newest product DELTA is the result of everyone’s feedback. DELTA is five times more powerful than RIVER, yet still lightweight and compact. With our new technology, you can recharge DELTA from 0 to 80% in just one hour. We recognize that right now our company is unable to provide DELTAs to everyone who need energy the most. However, it is our hope that one day our products will be accessible all over the globe.


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